Who We Are

The AUBURN GRESHAM VIC is all about bringing together people ages 55+ every 4th Wednesday at 11am with their peers, community organizations, and others who love and support them.

From monthly meetings to quarterly events, the seniors o VIC are an active bunch of Chicagoans who are devoted to engaging other seniors in regularly-scheduled activities that indulge the senses, accommodate  learning and entertainment, and combat isolation. 

Join our meetings at 11am any 4th Wednesday by calling 425-436-6391 access code 4038997. We welcome any and all input and participation.  

Why Us?

Please get involved with the AUBURN GRESHAM VIC (est. August 2020 by the City of Chicago's Department of Family & Support Services).

Everything we do is 100% volunteer led, and there is much to be done. Among the focuses of our Village are to:

  • Plan initiatives, activities and events
  • Identify/engage isolated seniors in Auburn Gresham / Grand Crossing
  • Get organizations to be a Village partner or event sponsor
  • Obtain donations of food/beverage items for parties/events
  • Secure volunteers to help us perform needed physical and technical tasks

Contact us immediately to get involved by calling the Auburn Gresham Senior Satellite Center at 312-745-4797 or emailing [email protected]